Saturday, 10 March 2007

Barbel Tripod Review From: Trafford Angling Supplies of Manchester

This is the sister blog to our normal Trafford Angling Gear Reviews blog.

With links to the trafford website, forums etc and of course our reviews blog - this will give you some more pic's and info on our already top selling barbel tripod !

Our TBR 2 has already had 2 rave reviews, one from The Anglers Mail in Feb 2007 issue where it scored a massive 10/10, and also on the Barbel fishing world website - where it has scored an equally impressive 9/10 !

Love to know what happened to the other ' 1 ' but never mind . . . . . . .

so . . . . here's some more pic's of the pod to have a look at and a few of the features it has . . . . .

Firstly, it packs down to nothing ! the bars and cups are off in seconds and it will fit in the side pockets of most holdalls. I use a Korum 2 rod myself and it just pops into the back pocket on that with the cups and bars stashed in the small bankstick pocket.

the cups can be turned inline to keep them out of the way if they are not required on a session, something i do when i'm fishing the tips low to the water, you don't need to take them off . . . . .

The stability of the pod is mainly down to the fact unlike the only other barbel rest on the market, the top bar is solid and cannot move - giving you ultra reliable stability. All the legs have been tweaked so it's virtually impossible for them to slip or twist when assembled and the pod gives you great confidence that it's going to stay set up without fail throughout you session.

Close up of the top block showing the top bar clamped up solid. . . . . . . . .

This shows the pod set up with the swing rests i use myself, again in use these are solid and don't let you down. They tilt to accept the rod at any angle and have a nice deep line drop to accommodate the line freely, well worth a couple of quid each for peace of mind !

That's just one of the little chunky monkeys i've had while testing the prototype out, i've had one or two since and none yet has managed to drag the rods out of the rest unlike some previous sessions when i've been chasing a rod into the water as the banksticks have give way !

And the best bit ? it's all British made and all spares are readily available . . . . . .

From whole legs down to the small bits like the spare locking collars above. . . .

And any other bits you may happen to drop like the nuts and bolts, not that they're easy to lose, as it happens you'd hard be pushed to lose them but if you do, a quick call is all it takes to replace any part of the pod.

You can reach us on 0161 864 1211

by fax: 0161 865 0086

or email at

we are located at : 34 to 36 moss road, stretford, manchester, m32 0ay